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Save your beloved interior design pieces with total furniture reupholstery by CA DRAPERY STUDIO in Commerce, California. If your furniture has an old frame made from good hardwood, not a newer piece made with sub-par wood, we can reupholster and reinforce it, and then replace the foam and re-fabric the piece. We can also change the color of the wood by re-staining it.

We give our clients the best support. We build a relationship with our clients to provide a professional job. We are committed to our work and with the company that we work with.

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Full Service Workroom in Window Treatments & Home Decor: Custom Draperies, Theater Draperies, Sound Studio Draperies, Hotel Draperies, Roman Shades, Roller Shades, Honeycomb Shades, Woven Shades, Window Shutters, Custom Bedding, Pillows and Cushions, Reupholstery, Custom Furniture, Drapery Hardware, Motorized Drapery Hardware, Wall Coverings, Wood Flooring, Carpet, Installations, Drapery Repair and Complimentary Quotes.

Established in 2005. CA Drapery Studio is a full service drapery workroom that specializes in residential and commercial interior design. We partner with decorators and homeowners to deliver top quality creative solutions. Family operated business with past generations who have passed on the knowledge to this husband and wife team.

Erika M. Alvarez grew up in the family drapery business. With ever growing knowledge and experiences, Erika and Noel, her husband and partner, lead the expansion of CA Drapery Studio to its current location in City of Commerce. Well seasoned they are a leading force in the fabrication of quality products for designers, home owners, design houses and commercial properties.

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